Clinical Reflexology


Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy that uses pressure to work on your hands or feet. The anatomy of the body is reflected in miniature on your hands and feet and contains reflex points that correspond to every organ, gland, muscle, tissue, cell and interconnected energy system of the body.

The repeated practice of applying pressure to these reflex points helps  therapeutically on a physical and emotional level, freeing and releasing energy to restore balance and promote deep relaxation, allowing blood and lymph to circulate freely, encouraging the release of toxins, removing congestion allowing the body to heal naturally.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages.

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Clinical Reflexology

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Reflexology can help with so many health conditions some of which are listed below:
Stress & Anxiety
(It is estimated that 75% of all disease and illness is stress related)
Muscle Pain
Back Pain
Tension Headaches
Post-operative Pain
Sports Injuries
Hormone Imbalances
Digestive Disorders (IBS)
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Chemotherapy - Induced Nausea and Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Diabetic Neuropathy
Long Covid

A Clinical Reflexologist is trained and insured to work safely on people with medical problems

Some of the benefits Reflexology can help with are listed below:
Reduce Stress
Alleviate Anxiety & Depression
Release Muscle Tension
Reduce Pain
Enhance Sleep
Reduce Fatigue
Reduce Inflammation
Promote Relaxation
Speed up Recovery after an Injury
Increase Energy
Increase Immunity
Elevate Mood
Restore Balance and Harmony


Your Treatment

Your first treatment will start with a short health consultation to discuss your medical history and anything that may be causing you stress or concern. This helps me understand which Reflexology technique(s) would be best to use, explain how Reflexology works, what you can expect from your treatment and answer any questions you may have.


You then relax on my heated therapy couch with your socks and shoes removed, your head, back and knees all supported and a blanket over your body to keep you warm and comfortable.


I will apply hot flannels to your feet before applying cream which allows me to work over the reflex points of your feet with ease. I use my thumbs, fingers or knuckles to apply pressure to your feet and if required your lower leg.

I work through my sequence covering all organs and systems of your body and I may revisit certain areas to help balance specific reflexes, depending on what you have told me in the consultation and what I find during your treatment.


Whilst some areas may prove sensitive, the treatment itself is very relaxing and most clients take a nap or sleep deeply throughout their treatment.




I also apply a technique called ‘linking’ to enhance the power and definition to a treatment. Linking emphasises all the benefits of a Reflexology treatment and can be applied to a wide range of physical and emotional ailments.

Linking involves gently holding specific reflex points at the same time and tuning into the body's energies; this increases the rebalancing effect on the body and can be very powerful; Linking is received differently by each person with many clients describing a deeper sense of relaxation, feeling detached from their physical body as if they are floating, some feel the responses isolated to the feet while others feel sensations of vibrations or energy within specific parts of their body.

At the end of your treatment, we will discuss the outcomes. Any tenderness you may have felt may indicate imbalances and by working on these areas at this or subsequent treatments, the imbalance may be unblocked to aid the free flow of energy in the body restoring its natural balance.


Depending on your health a general recommendation is to schedule an appointment once a week for the first four/six weeks, progressing to maintenance once a month. The full benefits of Reflexology may only materialise after a few treatments especially if you have been suffering with a health problem for some time however I can discuss this with you at the time to decide on the best treatment plan for you.


Taking Care Of Yourself After A Treatment


If possible try to relax for the rest of the day especially if you are feeling more tired than normal listen to your body and take plenty of rest.


Sleep more if you need to

Avoid strenuous exercise for the rest of the day


Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, tea, coffee, or other caffeinated drinks

Drink plenty of water or herbal teas to eliminate toxins


Eat healthy meals with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables that are easy for the body to digest


What You Should Wear And Bring For Your Treatment

Wear comfortable loose clothing so that you can fully relax during your treatment and so that I can have full access to your feet. For hygiene purposes, please bring a clean facial covering with you to wear during the treatment.  (As of 8th August 2020, the UK Government states these are mandatory for both therapist and client for close contact services.  Please bring a bottle of water with you so you can hydrate yourself properly after the treatment and if you have experienced any changes since our first consultation such as medication please let me know. 

Cancelling Your Appointment Due To Illness

If you become ill before or on the day of your booking, please let me know immediately as a treatment could make you feel worse or you may even be contagious.

 If you are showing signs of any of the following please contact me  so I can assess the situation:

  • You have a fever or a temperature

  • You are being treated for an infection with antibiotics

  • You have a cough or are showing any signs of flu

  • You have lost your sense of taste or smell

  • You have come out in a rash or other skin reaction

  • You feel sick, or have been sick, or had an upset stomach within the last 24 hours

In the interest of everyone's wellbeing, I will contact you the day before every treatment to confirm that we are both feeling well and the treatment can go ahead.


I work from my purpose built garden treatment room that has a window and french doors for ventilation. I clean the whole area with anti-viral and anti-bacterial disinfectant both before and after every treatment.

All bedding and linen used is freshly laid out for your treatment, I never re-use any unwashed blankets or towels for other clients.


Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy


Medical Disclaimer

Please note that the information on this website does not claim to cure or to diagnose any illness, disease or condition. The information is provided to give you information about the services offered and is NOT a substitute for medical healthcare.

If you do currently have a health condition it is recommended you should consult your GP for their advice before treatment.

The Best Time To Have Your Treatment

I advise where possible for clients to book their treatment on a day where they can rest afterwards. After

a treatment most clients feel incredibly relaxed with a marked improvement in their presenting conditions. It is also possible to experience other reactions to a treatment such as feeling cold, tired or emotional. This however is a positive sign that your body is naturally re-balancing itself, eliminating toxins and regulating hormones and usually clear within 24 - 48 hours. 


If you are trying to conceive, please let me know. We can then time your reflexology treatments around times of your menstrual cycle.


Please also let me know if you are undergoing any medical treatments, awaiting surgery or medical tests as in some instances it may better to time treatments after these have been completed.