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Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow
Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow

A Warm Welcome to Glasgow Reflexology

Hi my name is Natalie and I'm an experienced certified Clinical Reflexologist, Reiki Master and
Pellowah Energy Healer based in Milngavie, Glasgow.

I specialise in heart-centred treatments designed to nourish, restore and rebalance - mind, body and soul.
I believe in the power of the body's natural healing processes and helping people address thpassionate about the positive difference that natural healing therapies have on the way we feel, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Natalie Duthie  MAR
Registered Clinical Reflexologist

I began my journey into holistic therapies over 30 years ago with Reiki Healing and in 2017 I completed my Clinical Reflexology Practitioner training which is a university level qualification taught by The Complementary Therapy School.

Further advanced reflexology training and qualifications in the following areas:

Reflexology Lymph Drainage Milngavie Glasgow
Glasgow Reflexology Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists Milngavie Glasgow
Reflexology Maternity Fertility Milngavie Glasgow

  I continue to develop, refine and deepen my skills to allow a holistic approach to healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Within my own healing journey and years of experience of holding space I understand that one therapy does not always suit everyone. At different stages of our journey we may require a different therapy or a blend of therapies in one session which can be more powerful than using one therapy alone.
Further training and qualifications in the following areas:






Pellowah Energy Healing Milngavie Glasgow
Emotional Freedom Techniques Milngavie Glasgow

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing addresses the energy held in the mind, body and soul, working on you the person as a whole on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spritual.

The cellular structure of the human body is made of energy. That energy is influenced by the energetic experiences in the environment and areas of the body. It’s also influenced by the anatomy of the soul, which includes chakras, meridians, and the aura around the body.  Intuitive Energy healing is the process of identifying the root imprints or blocked energy in the energetic anatomy that may be contributing to a symptom and transforming the energy through various techniques. 

How does Intuitive Healing Work?

I start with an energetic scan over your body, in the context of intuitive healing this refers to the process of assessing a person's energy field, also known as the aura, to identify any imbalances or blockages that may be contributing to physical, emotional, or mental issues.

Meditation is also an important aspect of the healing process that connects me to the highest source of energy, which comes in different names such as Divine Energy, Life Force, God and Love. This connection guides me to identify energetic blockages that are disturbing the flow of energy within your meridians or energy system. An obstruction in your energetic field stems from thoughts, ideas, beliefs and behaviours moulded from past experiences or trauma. These are the building blocks of emotional pain, mental distress and symptoms that can affect your physical body.

Every energy healer’s intuitive healing practice can be different so the natural types will differ.

There are a variety of different healing modalities techniques that I may use during a session which can include:

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Crystals

  • Guided Meditation

  • Weighted and Unweighted Tuning Forks

  • Pellowah Energy Healing

This form of energy healing can offer a deeper release and may not feel as light and airy as you may have experienced with other healing modaities athough you may, depending on the type of release your body needs. 

Many clients experience a range of benefits such as:

  • Increased feelings of well-being and emotional balance

  • A deeper connection to their mind, body and spirit

  • Healing and releasing emotional, physical, and mental blockages.

  • Healing from chronic stress and burnout.

  • Reduction in pain such as constant lower back pain, neck and shoulder issues, migraines and headaches

Glasgow Reflexology Energy Healing

My Location

I practice from my private garden studio in Milngavie, Glasgow.  Offering a safe space

 for peace, relaxatioin and healing where you can leave behind the stresses and strains of everyday life helping you to unwind, de-stress, and unburden your mind and body.

I only use high quality organic and natural products.

 Reiki Pellowah Energy Healing Glasgow Reflexology Biofield Tuning
Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie
Glasgow Reflexology

Assessing what your body needs with the right therapy that is best for you

 Incorporating an initial health consultation to discuss any presenting conditions and symptoms along with previous medical history, taking into account both physical and non-physical factors that may be affecting your health. Allows me to adapt every session to relate to your specific needs.

I offer treatments for a wide variety of health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, infertility,

insomnia, pain, digestive disorders, migraines and hormonal imbalances.

I Iove the world of natural therapies and invite you to begin your journey with me towards a happier and healthier you. Whether you are feeling down, stressed or anxious have persistent tiredness, pain or have a health issue please feel free to contact me as I genuinely care about your health and well-being.


Natalie x

My Accreditations
Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology (Level 8) Distinction

Anatomy and Physiology
Sally Earlam Maternity Reflexology 

Sally Kay Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

Dr Carol Samuel Reflexology for Pain Management in Cancer Survivors 

Nikki Durrant Relaxation Reflexology (Clinical Reflexology with Guided Meditation) 

Crystal Reflexology 

Reflexology Linking and TCM Acupressure Points

Master Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques
Reiki Usui Level One - Shoden
Reiki Usui Level Two - Okuden
Reiki Usui Master - Shinpiden

(ISSAH) Independant School for Spiritual and Holistic Studies,
Meditation Teacher Training

Pellowah Healing Technique©

Sound healing for Groups & Private Therapy
Biofield Tuning Therapy

What my clients say...

What a perfect start to the week! I have been having a course of reflexology treatments from Natalie as she was recommended to me for general stress, hip & back pain. The difference has been emense. I have suffered on and off with back & hip pain for many years. Following the treatments the pain has eased up also I’m sleeping better & have more energy as a result. Thank you Natalie. Highly recommended your services.

Ann A

I can highly recommended Natalie at Glasgow Reflexology after experiencing the most deeply relaxing wonderful reflexology & reiki treatment. Having never experienced either treatment before Natalie explained everything thoroughly was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease and comfortable very quickly. I can honestly say it has been one of the best treatments I have ever had after a very emotional and stressful period I am now feeling emotionally, mentally and physically better than I have in a long time.

Sarah M

​Treatment was amazing really enjoyed it and I came away feeling very relaxed! Highly recommend Natalie to anyone she’s friendly welcoming and very good and what she does.

Michelle M

Fantastic reflexology & hypnotherapy treatment from Natalie, so relaxing and professional. Looking forward to my next one.

Karen M

I can't recommend Natalie highly enough; once again I've had the most amazing experience

Louise M

​Thank you so much for my reflexology and reiki treatment I feel so much more energetic, I feel like I am walking on air. Helen W

The complete bliss I feel after a session with Natalie has a lasting effect, I feel calmer, energised and better able to tackle anything life throws at me.

Valerie W

A truly enjoyable and rewarding treatment with Natalie, I was able to experience a deep sense of calm with the effects lasting long after my session.

Fiona C


I have found reflexology to be one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had and left feeling very relaxed and balanced.

Susan S

​Natalie has the most lovely approach to soothing your sole and your soul. Put your best foot forward and get an appointment!

Wendy B

Healing Hands Just completed a course of Reflexology with Natalie. I have suffered on and off for years with general stress, back & hip pain. Folliwing the treatments the difference to me has been remarkable. I have more energy & I’m sleeping better. There is a lovely friendly, relaxed & calming atmosphere there.

Ann A

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