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Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow
Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow

Advanced Reflexology Treatments for Women's Health 

Advanced Reflexology for Women's Health

I am fully insured and a member of the Association of Reflexologists. This means that
I meet the strictest standards for professional excellence in reflexology practice with a commitment to ongoing practitioner development.
I have undertaken advanced reflexology training in:

 Reflexology for Fertility/Preconception

Reflexology for Maternity and Preparation for Birth

Reflexology for Peri-Menopause and

Reflexology helps support women throughout their lives with all the hormonal and body changes they experience and is particularly supportive during periods of change.  From the start of menstruation and puberty  through to fertility, pregnancy, peri-menopuase and the menopause.  These hormonal changes are varied and can be very different for each woman. Reflexology can help to ease emotional, physical or gynaecological conditions that develop whilst encouraging the body's natural healing process.  


Reflexology Research


Association of Reflexologists have found that on average 50% of clients seeking help through reflexology for infertility; find themselves pregnant within the first 6 months of starting treatment.

The AoR has also found reflexology to be of assistance to those women suffering from endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which can be a primary cause of fertility problems as well as abdominal discomfort.

Is reflexology the new cure for infertility?

Fertility reflexology case studies

Can reflexology help to overcome infertility?

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