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Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow
Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow

Managing Pain with Reflexology in Cancer Survivors

Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow

Reflexology for Managing Pain with Peripheral Neuropathy

Managing Pain with Reflexology is a 60 minute treatment, which includes working the spine and brain reflexes on the legs and feet to access the central nervous system. The Spinal Cord is the most important area for working out the answers to tissue damage and pain.  When our body is alert to a dangerous situation, it is the spinal nerves that receive the first message and relays that message to the brain.

Managing Pain with Reflexology can help with:

Diabetic Neuropathy

Multiple Sclerosis

Providing care and symptom management for clients post cancer therapy this treatment addresses pain as one of the late long-term consequences in Cancer Survivors and addresses the causes of pain and how you  can be supported using a combination of Reflexology techniques.
 Living with cancer can have both a physical and mental impact with heightened levels of stress, anxiety, pain, nausea and worry. Cancer survivorship is improving but a cancer diagnosis can mean coping with both physical and psychological symptoms after the end of active treatment.

These effects may appear years after the end of treatments and can include:

Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Radiation Toxicity Induced Pain
Persistent Post-Surgical Pain
Pain as a consequence of Hormonal Therapy
Fascial Changes and Tissue Integrity

Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow
Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow
Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow
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