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Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow
Glasgow Reflexology, Milngavie, Glasgow

Pellowah Energy Healing

Pellowah is a profound journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and inner serenity.

Expanding consciousness Pellowah enables you to make positive and long lasting change in your life.

 The name Pellowah was given to an energy healing technique first developed in 2003 by Australian Spiritual teacher Kachina Ma’an. The purpose of Pellowah is to increase your capacity for positive change by creating a “Shift in Consciousness”, enabling you to reach your highest purpose and potential.

Directed by spirit through a series of dreams and visions Kachina founded the Pellowah Healing Technique and began to train others in this new energy modality in 2004.

Pellowah is an angelic word meaning “Radical Shift in Consciousness” It is pure source energy, a direct transmission from the Light from the Practitioner to you. Unlike other forms of energy healing, Pellowah does not work through the Practitioner.  Pellowah is direct from source to the person receiving the healing. There is no diagnosis or interpretation by the practitioner. Practitioners are attuned in order to initiate the Pellowah energy flow and hold the sacred space for the Pellowah energy to interact with you. A Pellowah session is about the “Consciousness” of the recipient, and not the consciousness of the Practitioner. Pellowah energy works with the higher consciousness of the recipient to bring about the “shift” required at that specific time. As the person receiving, you may experience huge shifts immediately following a session, or the effects may be subtle, yet profound, unfolding over a period of time. Many people are drawn to attune to Pellowah for their own spiritual growth and enlightenment, because quite simply, the results are profound.

Pellowah Energy Healing Glasgow

Now more than ever we are being called to remember “Who We Really Are”

Pellowah primarily works on the mind and spirit connection (rather than the physical body). Conditions that have a psychosomatic root (i.e. mind/body) will often respond very well. Rather than balancing the “symptom”, Pellowah shifts the root cause of the issue. This means for many chronic issues Pellowah will often get results where others won’t. Because Pellowah works on the root cause at the level of consciousness, changes emerge from the inside out! The ”healing” benefit from Pellowah is a by-product of a “shift in consciousness”. Some say Pellowah is like a Spiritual Awakening. Others say it is a clarion call to their deepest passions and direction!

For some removing the fear, anxiety, and false illusions that have held them back, is the gift of Pellowah..

People are usually drawn to Pellowah when the timing is right for them to move forward in their lives.

Often we feel something is “just not right”, or “there must be more to life” – we can’t put our finger on what the issue is, yet we “know” something needs to shift.

We need a change within us. Pellowah is an opportunity to create this “shift”

Glasgow Reflexology Pellowah Energy Healing Milngavie Glasgow

How Does Pellowah Work?

Pellowah is an exceptionally high vibration and nurtures your mind, body, and spirit:

  • Emotional Healing - We all carry emotional baggage. Inherited through our lineage, and acquired through past and current life experiences. For some this baggage can be overwhelming. Pellowah assists you to shift beyond your “baggage”. Unlike most healing methods, Pellowah does this, in most cases, without the need for a “healing crisis”. By expanding and strengthening your connection to your higher self, your past baggage becomes less present. Your emotional baggage diminishes, as positive emotional states become your new “normal

  • Stress Reduction - Pellowah calms your nervous system, dissolving stress and inducing relaxation.

  • Healing Chronic Conditions - Pellowah works with “Consciousness”. Many of the mental patterns that hold us back are seemingly “unconscious”. No matter how hard we dig, we can’t seem to get to the origin of them. Pellowah works at the level of origin, upgrading our unconscious patterns. Often exciting shifts take place, even with long standing issues

  • Aura Healing - It is understood that all illness originates in the Auric fields or “Energy Body”. Once present in the energy body, it then manifests in the physical. Pellowah works directly with the auric field, as a result many issues are healed before they can manifest in the physical

  • Strengthens and Align Chakra’s - Leading to greater health and vitality with a stronger connection to source energy.

  • Clearing Meridians - Meridians are the energy channels of your physical body. By clearing the energy channels your body is able to move into “self healing” mode, and maximise the available energy for peak performance. Many recurring issues stem from “blocked energy”. Pellowah works to clear the stuck energy, improving your overall wellbeing.

  • Improved Clarity - In relation to your life purpose, passions and direction.

  • DNA Activation - Pellowah activates all 12 strands of your DNA, paving the way for a profound shift in consciousness and self-awareness.

  • Merkabah Activation - It awakens the Merkabah, often referred to as the light body, unlocking your transformative potential. Everything is already within you. Sometimes we just need a little assistance “activating” what resides within us. Pellowah activates the “Light Within” - the Light you are in essence.

Pellowah energy healing glasgow reflexology

Your Treatment

Pellowah is equally powerful in person or as a distant session. The advantage of a distant healing session is your ability to relax in your own environment, and not be pressured by driving or public transport stress.  Currently over 75% of Pellowah sessions are completed at a distant.

When receiving Pellowah, you enter a state of receptivity, allowing the energies to flow through you. The practitioner initiates the Pellowah energy flow and holds a sacred space for your healing journey. It's a deeply personal experience, empowering you to explore your consciousness without interpretation, intuition, diagnosis, or counseling.

Pellowah is a “hands off” healing technique. It does not involve touch. You will lie down fully clothed on my treatment couch in a position that is comfortable for you, close your eyes, relax and receive the energy. There is no need to do anything to “enhance” the healing. No need to meditate or make intention. Just relax and receive.

What You May Experience During Your Treatment

You may experience a range of emotions, sensations and images or you may not feel, see or experience anything other than deep relaxation.

Everyone is different, and every session is different. What you consciously remember or don’t remember of the session has no impact on the power of the healing. Pellowah works on the mental/spiritual level first and foremost so often clients will have the experience of being in a void or not remembering or feeling anything. The energy continues to work through you and whilst some clients experience immediate shifts during the session, others may experience subtle yet profound shifts in the days and weeks that follow. Pellowah is working with your consciousness, and will bring whatever shift is required at the time of the session.

Pellowah Energy Continues To Work After Your Treatment

Pellowah healing continues to build upon the shifts created during the session

Your Pre and Post Pellowah Treatment

 It is recommended no alcohol or drugs (aside from those prescribed by a Health Professional) be consumed 24 hours prior to, and 24 hours after a Pellowah healing session. Hydration is essential following a session.

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