Reflexology for Stress & Anxiety


Following video is a short self help hand reflexology sequence for stress



When we are stressed the hypothalamus triggers the sympathetic nervous system to a state of high alert, and the body produces stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

This process prepares the body for ‘fight or flight’- to fight the danger or run from it and many changes take place in the body.

If you are suffering from stress, you may find that you are constantly worrying, finding it difficult to make decisions or concentrate, have problems sleeping; feel overwhelmed, irritable or lacking in self-esteem

Physical Changes During Periods of Stress

  • Muscles tense up ready for action

  • Increased heart rate

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Increased blood-glucose levels

  • The digestive and immune systems shut down so there is more energy for other systems

  • Inability to focus on small tasks due to acute awareness on the big problem

  • Pupils dilate for acute sight to spot the danger


Your first treatment will start with a short health consultation to discuss your medical history and anything that may be causing you stress or concern and explain how Reflexology works, what you can expect from your treatment.



Self Help Hand Reflexology 



Solar Plexus

One of the most valuable reflex points to control anxiety symptoms.

Working the solar plexus point will enhance any feelings of well-being and reduce the sensation of butterflies in your stomach, encourage you to breath slower and deeper and generally calm down all the physical indications of stress.


Head & Brain

Working these points help to control any sense of overwhelm and will encourage clear thinking and a more balanced approach to your problems and help you to concentrate more effectively and to be less distracted when you are trying to learn or absorb something new.



Working the stomach reflex areas will help with nausea, ‘butterflies’ or changes in your appetite.


Small Intestines & Colon

Helps with irritable bowel symptoms


Working the adrenal reflex points will encourage your adrenal glands to adjust their production of the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol.


The pineal gland is responsible for the sleep-wake cycle of the body, working this reflex point will help with insomnia or other sleep-related symptoms.


 The pituitary gland is one of the most important endocrine glands and is closely linked to the body’s stress response. Working this area will help reduce any anxiety symptoms as well as helping to adjust your body’s response to stress.

How a Reflexology Treatment can help Relieve Stress & Anxiety

anxiety foot map.jpg

Reflexology can help to relieve stress and anxiety and is especially beneficial when used alongside other natural remedies such as eating a healthier diet, cutting back on alcohol and caffeine consumption, getting better sleep, and taking regular exercise.